This is just an outlet for me, to be able to get my thoughts out! I am a Woman, Wife and Mommy that also works outside the home! Just me trying to make it all work for the best for my family and myself! Just my journey!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm Still a Girl

I've been through so many changes and different "times" in my life! I have gone through so many normal changes, from single woman, to wife, to mother, to stay at home mom, to work outside the home mom! One thing in common with all of them, I'm still a girl!
The changes have gone from there to here. I just have to wonder where I will be next!

I cry when ANYONE sings the National Anthem!
I cry when an athlete, a singer, an actor/actress thanks his/her family!
I cry on my way home from a good day at work and a bad day at work!
I laugh at anyone being silly, whether my children, my husband or his friends or my guys at work!
Some days, I really want to cry at work and I even threaten to do it but I never do! At least not in front of anyone!
I cry when any of my children have done well and when any of them haven't done well!
I applaud or cry when I get on my scale! (there's no room for anything else!).
I laugh and cry when I connect with friendships that I accidentally left behind!
I cry, laugh, focus or just enjoy the moments, when I connect with my husband and the moments when we just don't "get" each other!
I laugh when one of my children tell me a joke! (good joke or not so good)
I cry when any of my children talk about not doing well!
I am sad when one of my children tell me about not doing so well in school!
I cry, only inside, and I am joyful, when I steel one of my children away from one of their friends, for some time with me!
I smile and enjoy the moment, when any of my children tell me about a friend they enjoy!
I ache, when any of my children are hurt by a friend!
I have major pain and anger when one of my children have hurt one of their friends and of course, if needed, I share their cry!
My heart leaps and I enjoy a moment where I can sing with any or all of my children, with or without the radio, on key or off key!
I laugh when my hubby keeps me on speaker phone at work just to get a laugh!
I am very angry when I realize, I have allowed myself to be taken advantage of.
My heartaches, when I realize any one of the four of them were waiting on me to recognize!!


  1. ok, you made me cry! So I guess I'm still a Girl too. I love this list of honest feelings. I think you are an awesome person!

  2. It was so great to spend time with you yesterday! I'm trying to catch up on all my blog reading/commenting. I'm not a big crier, but I am a girl ;)