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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Balancing Act

I feel as though I am always trying to find a good balance between all the different hats I wear. As soon as I think I have found it, I realize, I didn't.
The lie here would be to believe, that every time I realize I didn't find balance I have failed. The Truth is I didn't fail, I am a work in progress, Thank God. However, my mind screams FAILURE!
Ugh, it hurts.
At work, my heart is still at home. I manage my household from work. I send my children to school in the morning and grab my only hug and kiss of the day from them and say "I love you and I'll see you tomorrow". Those words grab my heart.

At work, I am never "fully" at work, because my heart is at home. I love my job and the career it has turned out to be. I am truly blessed to be able to accomplish what I have in such a short time and still have the support of family and friends.
There's an honest reality here, it's that I am still at home even though I am a working mom.
Many days I walk out my door and the house isn't, in anyway shape or form, ready for company. Truth is we have company everyday. I think they are getting used to my balance of unbalance.
I don't think I will ever be totally at work, I believe that this is my balance at work. I think I would move up in my career quicker if I would be totally at work, however that's not going to happen, not ever.
I try to find balance between all the things I do that is all about me and those things I do for family and those things I do for others. Truth is, that balance constantly changes, sometimes I go one way more or the other way more!
These truths are not always easy for me to accept. Thankfully, I don't do it alone.
It's constant balance of unbalance. I know I may never completely arrive, but I try to enjoy the journey even though some days, the journey hurts!

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  1. Life IS a balancing act. I've raised my kids and I'm still doing a balancing act. I think we will always go through this. I know it's harder though when you are raising a family and working outside the home like you are. I think you are doing a great job at balancing what is most important. And it is great that you do have the support from the ones you love.