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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mitchy is 9!!!!

as we head into our weekend and get ready to celebrate Mitchy's Bday with family and with his friends oh yea, two seperate parties, I'm ready (I love looong weekends) I am a little heart broken and yet very excited!
As I was calling my cousin on Wednesday, to find out how they were weathering all that crazy weather (55 inches of snow and possibly more???), I remember telling her "he's half way to being able to leave home!"
With that statement, I could feel the tears in my eyes and the huge lump in my throat!
I have never EVER denied the fact that my children were all going to leave "home" one day and be on their own! This is what raising children, is supposed to prepare us for! Honestly, I have chatted and talked with my children and my husband on several different occasions, on the celebration of each one of the children leaving home, with a sense of purpose, coupled with confidence! These lil' conversations have come, One-on-one between myself and each of the children and one-on-one between my Hubby and I! These conversations have come in different group settings, including and not including my children (all of them and only one of them)! I plan with my husband, for our life, when the children are grown!
I really don't believe I am in denial and I don't believe that they won't leave, I honestly believe, they can't wait! I hope that I am raising, "self-confident" children, that can't wait to get out and do it "on their own"! I tell them all, almost daily that they WILL, go to college! I don't care what kind, but they will complete some sort of course, secondary schooling! Certificate, AOS, or higher (my prayer is that they want more education than less) and on and on! I don't care how far they choose to go, as long as they "complete" something in College,that they "honestly" love when they love, and that they find the "heart of others" before they make a choice and they use prayer and common sense, to make their choices for life! Most of all, I pray, they rely on God!
I believe, that all my children know all this and they believe it!
Back to the post!
I can't believe we are closer to having 'just the two of us' at home than we are at have more family at home!
Honestly, this "two of us" thing, is something Larry and I have planned for since, before we were married! I don't think either of us realized, how hard our children would pull on our hearts!
My baby is 9 and he is soo good for this Witt family! How in the world, did we get to the point where we were closer to only two of us, than closer to more at home!??
I cry and my heart breaks! I cry and my heart totally leaps with joy! My children, honestly have so much in front of them, so muuuuuuuuuuuuucchh opportunity and I can honestly see them grabbing it! My husband and I have so much in front of us and so much opportunity, together being in love and celebrating our life together and than to boot, in our careers! We have so many celebrations with our children in front of us, and we have celebrations with our childrens family in front of us! Quite honestly, we are going to be partying alot with our children and their lives and their choices and their friends and their families! I am overwhelmed and unbelievably blessed, by the amount of celebrating life that is in front of Larry and I!
As a person, who plans for everything! honestly everything!
I have never planned for the day, where I realized, I was closer to
children out of the home, than I am to keeping my kiddos in the home!
No one and no prayer could've prepared my heart for this reality!
Yep, I cry, I weep! I pray, I imagine! I love, I enjoy! The future is beautiful, but I never planned for the day when the future would hurt and be joyful at the same time!

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  1. am overwhelmed and unbelievably blessed, by the amount of celebrating life that is in front of Larry and I

    I love this!