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Saturday, September 1, 2007

We have this new motivation that comes once every two weeks. She comes to help us clean our house!! The night before and the morning of that she is here we go crazy picking up and making sure sooooo much more is done. Truth be known the original thought was that we could keep up with the day-to-day and she would get the deep cleaning. Most times we are fine, like everyone else we are adjusting to the back-to-school, the balance of it. My kids have always had some kind of chores (age appropriate) and helped out!
The responsibilities that have been implemented and stuck throughout the past few years are as follows:
I have 7 different labelled, hampers right by the washer (have as many hampers as you have different types of loads) Whites, dark, heavy dark, jeans, towels, things that don't get dried, and pastels. Everyone is required to sort their own laundry. They do have baskets in their rooms to help with getting it out there, but are required to sort laundry daily. This helps us keep up with laundry and not constantly sort (takes more time). My older two kids are required to do laundry, wash, dry, fold and put away (only implemented this summer). When they were younger, they were required to change the washer to the dryer and bring the load that needed to be folded to me, I would be doing something else at this time!!

Until recently, we had a working dishwasher. We have always loaded as we go. Clear from the table, rinse and load. Everyone can do this and it sure alleviates the dish thing!! Now without the dishwasher I bought a "handy dandy" sponge with a handle that you put dish soap in and everyone is required to wash their own dishes. My mom actually implemented this one when I was a child and it worked for her, so why not me!! It does help, the pots and pans will still be there, but it is less!!

Anyone, 3-73 can swiffer!! It may not be perfect but it will be better, allow them to help!! Purchase the wet swiffer and have them "play" with that!!

Kids love to spray stuff, so give them the window cleaner and plenty of paper towels and let them clean their own finger prints, they are perfect size to get them and know exactly where they are at!

When someone asks if they can help or if you need help, be honest and say yes!! I don't know any mom who could not use an extra two hands all the time!!

Let your spouse do it his way and don't redo it, it is a waste of time and will make them stop helping. How dare you take that sense of accomplishment away from them!! It doesn't have to be "my way or the highway" there is more than one way to do everything!!

Most of all prioritize and remember what is important!!

I can't say that everything is perfect, but over the years of raising children I have learned to relax more and enjoy more. These things have helped. I am implementing more but don't have all the kinks worked out, I will share as I work it out!!


  1. Mark loves to push our Swiffer around. It's not perfect, but it gets some of the job done.


  2. I had a great time tonight at Don Pablo's meeting everyone. I am so glad that God put you back in my life. It is so neat how we all came together and it was like we all were old friends. I felt so young tonight laughing and posing for pictures. The fried ice cream was the best....I can't wait to do it again...