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Saturday, September 29, 2007

I can't help, but to be a little sad!!

My Yaya has made good friends! Friends that I like and I like the families and I enjoy the friendship she has found in these girls. To get to the point her friend is moving. Windy dealt with the move of her Best Friend 1 1/2 years ago and took it pretty hard. I feel that they do a good job of keeping in touch, but it isn't the same as when she lived right next door. It does help that I am good friends with her mom, and they help us to keep in touch also!! Yaya doesn't have alot of close cousins that are her age, or a sister, her age, like I did! She seems to create something of this in her good friends. She does allow herself to be open and let her emotions show to these good friends. Yaya, loves and shows she loves. She is an amazing child. She gets frustrated, like all kids and gets in trouble just like other kids. She does enjoy watching people enjoy things or moments or gifts, she is very easy going, because she tends to want everyone else to be happy.
Now, Windy is going through it again!! Her bud from down the street, whose Grandma also watches her and Mitch after school, is moving, TODAY!! I have prayed that they would be able to purchase the house they are moving out of and it was not possible, God has different plans!! Windy is very, very good at using the phone she will keep in touch with her friends! Windy seems to roll with the punches, and take things in stride. I hurt and am sad for Windy!! Please pray my Yaya makes it through this and that she is able to keep in touch with her friend Katie, the same way she keeps in touch with Karly! I am a mom at a loss for words but a heart that cares, all I can do is say "I am sorry your sad, I know it hurts, and can I help you through this". Sometimes being a mom hurts!


  1. Yeah, sometimes as a mom, we can only be there to give hugs and just be there. It does hurt when our child hurts...Life goes on..

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  3. Mimi, thank you for the encouragement!! How do we as moms help them to stop hurting?

  4. We love our children as God loves them , and know that He brings friends into their lives for a purpose, to help them be all He has greated them to be . Some are for a life time and some are for a season , but all are for our little ones good .
    Jer. 29:11 says I know the plans I have for you . So God planed this beautiful day for my beautiful Grand child.