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Monday, September 10, 2007

My boy said to me, "Mom could you please not yell and cheer at my games, or just cheer quieter"
he also said, "I know you are just trying to encourage us, but we know what we are supposed to do and your just aggravating the guys,"
he went on to say, "now at practice I have to go and get some guys."

"Why?" I ask.
"Because they were saying things to you".

I ask, "What were they saying?"

Boy replies, "I really don't want to tell you, can you just bring it down a bit, so I don't have to get on the guys".

Conversation ends.
He really is growing up so fast, let me also say 12 is hard on me!!!

I remember when he used to say "Hermember (remember) the time..."
Or he would say "Pay a pension (attention)"

Or he would be so happy and enjoying his food he would say, "MMM, this is good, mmm, this, mmm, is so good, mm, mm, yum, mmm, mm"!! (Back then sound affects were cute while he was eating, not so much anymore)

Now he says, "You fail to recognize I am a pre-teen"



  1. I feel you pain! Marissa is going to be 13...yes, an official teenager...on the 28th. Thank God He equips us for each season as we grow with our kids.

  2. Awwwww, how cute. I've got a 13 year old brother who is in 8th grade now. I remember when he used to say, "I love Nenni" cuz he couldn't say my name. Now it's, "Ugh Sister can you drop me off and please don't touch my hair this time."

  3. He is getting so big! That's funny, We're still in the looking back to make sure mom's cheering phase.

  4. Where does the time go??? It just makes me cry sometimes. I mean, I'm so proud of the young boys they are but....where did my babies go????

  5. Remember I'm a pre-teen?? Wow, I am so not ready for that...

  6. Before you know it, you will turn around and he will be out of your My son is 27 now, married, has a baby girl and he still calls me almost everyday. He will ALWAYS be a mommas boy and is still telling me what he wants for Christmas, 3 months early...