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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Conversations Lately:

#1 Are you getting off on time today?

#2 Yes, I know it is Thursday, I will be home.

#1 What is there for dinner?

#2 (names off whatever we have or where we can order from)

#1 Who are you taking?

#2 I am taking the little one (or one of us says) the older two

#1 Who is making dinner (or picking it up)

#2 find out who has homework and what needs to be done.

#1 I know

#2 All practices start at 5:30 again

#1 (reassuring) Yes

#2 Call you when I am in the car

#1 OK

#2 Love you, bye

#1 Love you too, bye

This conversation is the same every Thursday, and it can be me that is #1 or hubby that is #1 (in the conversation, not in real life!) In case you didn't notice all three kids have practice on Thursday's all at the same time in different places!! We start coordinating early and it tires us out, by the time 8:15 rolls around it feels like midnight!!! This is us coordinating on Thursday's to make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time, with the right parent and that homework and dinner and yes showers and bedtime are done on time!!!!!! This Thursday is done and done OK, only 4 more like this to go (we have been doing this for 4 weeks now, I don't like this routine)!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankful Thursday is over, Goodnight!


  1. Matt isn't in sports during the school year yet, but I can only imagine how life will be like when he's older and is. BUSY!


  2. Doing sports with multiple older children can get hairy quick! I'm usually counting down the weeks starting with week 1.