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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

But I soooo Stink!!!

I was able to run the service track today,
by myself, thank you very much!! I understand it and am now calling myself a Locomotive Mechanical, Relief Supervisor (sounds so official, or not so much)!!! I did run it and have been told that I can hold this Temp position until the end of the year!!! It is really going well, hate to say, I am still not where I planned to be at this time, but I am still moving forward, so it is hard to complain........

BUT, I sooooooooooooooooo STINK!! My cousin's birthday just passed on the 23rd and I tried so hard to upload a video on here of the kids singing happy birthday (it was so cute) and it did not take after several times of trying!!
Anyway, so you know it was very important to me to wish Shane a happy birthday and I wanted it to be a special wish, and it just didn't work the way I wanted it to!!! Soin words, I will put what I think!
If you don't already know I have a couple cousins that I am very very close to and they are very special to me, they are like siblings, you would need to know me to understand (another post later in time). My cousin Shane just had a birthday, she is an amazing: Wife, Mother and Woman. She is raising three beautiful children and they are well-behaved and obedient (maybe her husband helped a little) and she is a loving and caring wife (to my husband's best friend) and she has pushed through so much, let me just say an amazing woman!! She is the wife of a "Millitary Man" and has made the moves to help him with his career, or their career, however that is said. She has 3 beautiful children, Kylie, Nathan, and Ava and she continues to raise them well, her children are always a joy to be around!! She is currently attending college, yes around everyone else's schedule and doing well! and some how she is able to keep her house intact. Shane's family has a strong sense of family and accountability and she has given them this. Shane is truly, truly an amazing woman! She goes far beyond any expectations you can put on any woman!! Hope your birthday was unbelievably blessed! Sorry this post is late, I really wanted the video to work!!!

Love ya Shane, take care! I miss you and your family!!


  1. Happy Birthday heart goes out to any military family. It's so hard on those all involved. And if you can stick together during it all, it's an amazing thing!