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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Officially a "Soccer Mom"

I have never been a "soccer mom", I have been a football, cheerleader, baseball, softball, gymnastics, dance, room, tumbling, PTO, Ministry volunteer, and crazy MOM, and today I officially became........SOCCER MOM!!! Not sure why we haven't done this yet, I already have the "grocery getter" (station wagon) and have already been Mom taxi. Soccer never came into the mix until recently!

We have never tried soccer, I know nothing about it. I have two children that wanted to give it a try. So here we are, first game of the season and they add pictures in this day. You know they have to have chin guards or they can't play....found that out first day of practice!! So I am learning.

Back to the "soccer mom" thing: Not only is it our first game and pictures, but the oldest has practice all at the same time (everyone) and hubby is out of town and Nana (Bringing in the reinforcements) has this thing called a job, so guess what, yep I am on my own. Out of the house before 8am, no coffee (the coffee pot is with hubby) and no breakfast. By 9:10 the two youngest are with their coaches and I am in the car taking the oldest (the rule enforcer) to practice. He is upset because he is late, we do not run late and if Coach Steve is there I am going to get it, I tell him I will talk to coach and let him know what happened and that this time it is not his fault! The Rule Enforcer states "that will be unacceptable, coach will still give it to me". I say I can guarantee that Coach will accept the excuse and he will not be in trouble! We make it there and my Rule Enforcer has finally ended my butt chewing!! (I did raise this child, I never ever like to be late and it stresses me out when we are). Everyone where they are supposed to be and situated and me STILL NO COFFEE! I know I swore off fast food, but does buying coffee count? Then I gave in, I bought coffee from BK!! Now do it all in reverse, but all is clearer now I have COFFEE!!

I just want to know, how does a single mom do it, How does she get everyone where they are going, all the time, how does she manage?


  1. I have no idea! I think God is definitely gracing single moms, because there is no way I could keep it together.
    I'm amazed you did all that before coffee. You need another coffee pot!

  2. I have two boys -- what do you think my destiny is? :) (But is there such a thing as a baseball mom?)

    And I have that single mom mentality when Steve is crammed with school stuff and hardly home all week. Sometimes I have to pick up the slack like mowing the lawn and keeping the yard. You know, what some consider "men's work". WHATEVER!

    And coffee is long as it does the job!


  3. I know. I KNOW!!! I've only got 2 right now in sports, but when hubby is at work or out of town and they both need to be at different places at the same time I MUST have coffee too. Oh, and why is the baby always sleeping at those times too....