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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Phone and Internet BACK ON!!

Can you believe I was told by tech support it would not be until Saturday (the next one) that they could come and fix our phone and DSL!! The tech woman called this morning, as I was beginning to get ready for my day, about 9:30am and said I am right down the street, I am coming to repair your DSL right now, it is inside your house. Doesn't everyone love unexpected guests!!!!??? So myself, and my husband, barely, barely barely awake, begin rip, running and roaring through our disaster zone trying to clean up and not look like the total slobs we are!!! Needless to say, she showed up at the house to soon, and I apologized for the mess and kept cleaning and she continued to do her job and do it well, HERE we are!! Yea, and on a Sunday, I had no idea, the technician said they had scheduled her and they should have told me, but who cares all is fixed and I'm embarrassed by the disaster we have been wading through and I am back on track!! Now, If I can only get my oven fixed!

Anyway, on another note: We only had one soccer game yesterday, in the evening. We did have football practice and bowling but I couldn't have planned the timing better myself, I didn't have to rush or drag or involve more help, hubby and myself were able to handle the kid stuff by ourselves (unusual huh). During our running to get to a birthday party, in the evening, after Mitch's game, I was grilled about certain people in our family, talk about trying to put on guilt trips, Mama escaped and passed the buck! All I have to say is if you come to Mitch's game, make sure you say hello to him, otherwise he doesn't believe you were there, and my word isn't enough! One funny thing he did say to me in the car:

"I was playing against two of my friends on the purple team and they didn't even know we were defitting (defeating) them!!!!"

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  1. Oh I hate that! Or when they say they'll be there "after 2" and they finally come around 5pm and you're afternoon was spent at home when you had other things to do. URG!