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Monday, September 24, 2007

Amazing Coaches

Yesterday, Sunday, Merrillville Pirates Pop Warner Jr. Midgets won the game against Hobart Brickies, Pop Warner!!
Another exciting game and the boys just beamed with excitement of winning a game!! I was so proud of them!

Another very exciting part of watching the kids play football is watching the interaction with the kids and their coaches. To volunteer to be a coach is very noble and can be unrewarding. I have had awesome experiences with all of the coaches I have dealt with. This, in my opinion, is amazing, everyone always has some kind of issue with at least one coach, right? As much as I enjoy watching the game, isn't it nice to watch someone else enjoy our children and have a
passion for what sport they are enjoying and to watch them begin to understand something that I don't quite get is amazing!! I have coached, in the past, and have truly enjoyed it. I will only coach in what sports I really understand, which leaves me limited, but I did have the passion to teach the team about the sport!! I just want to thank all those coaches who truly have a passion for the sport they are coaching and who more so have a passion for the children they are coaching!!


  1. My little guys start sports this week. I'm excited!! Congrats on the win!

  2. I love having my boys in sports. Well, not that Mark is signed up on a team yet, but he sure has a love for basketball and football already!