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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Is That Me?

Wow that is really me. Can I tell you that that is not what I see when I look in the mirror. Is it possible to fool yourself with too good Body
Image! This totally stinks, I am starting out with not eating after 7pm (since I should be in bed before 9pm). I will take it one step at a time. Oh, and I am soooooooo with Crooked Eyebrow with the not eating fast food, (This one is easy, I don't really care to anyway. Now, let me tell you, I really try not to complain, because I don't need any help (I complain just fine on my own), don't need anyone jumping on my bandwagon and reminding me what I was complaining about!!! Another reason I don't involve family and friends in my issues, I am over it faster than they are!!!
BUT, OH WOW, gotta do something, yesterday!!!!
Just because I am whining, let me finish: My company hired a "management trainee" for the position I am training for (I wasn't promised), they didn't even post it, he just got it!!! More jumping through hoops, oh yea (you hear the sarcasm). But the "silver lining" my husband pointed out, if this "management trainee" came back any sooner I would not have even been given the training and would not have had the opportunity to train (I am still training). So, Mrs. Witt, suck it up, stop complaining and trust in the promise given to you!!
Now this weight thing: NO "SILVER LINING" just lose it!!! This stinks!!!


  1. Weight Watcher's has worked for me. I started on the program over a year ago and have lost 54 lbs. You can eat whatever you want and lots of restaurants have a menu that adapts to your program. It has been very easy counting points. This summer has been hard for me though with vacation and celebrations,(fried ice cream) but I am back on track now to get the rest of the weight off. You can do it! You always feel better when you eat right. I have faith that you can do it!!!!

  2. So far, I've done 9 lbs. on Weight Watchers. It's a battle for so many women out there. At least we have the support of other women too.......

  3. I think you look as beautiful as always! I won't tell you what to do or what worked for me, because you know I DON'T diet! I'm trying to just do what needs to be done for me to be healthy.

  4. I planning on signing up on weight watchers too. I just can't get to a meeting to sign up this week.

    You can do sucks, but it can be done.


  5. I think any mom would get sick of McD's or BK real fast -- I know I did!

    Some alternative "fast food" places I enjoy: Chipotle, Potbelly and Panera Bread


  6. I know what you mean about the pictures Chrissy. I have done that to myself so many times!! I recommend exercise if you don't already. I always tried to start the habit of exercise before I even addressed eating habits. Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll do great :-) Also, I'm with Lisa... you look pretty in that picture!