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Saturday, October 30, 2010

WARNING: it's Addicting

I'm sure it was meant to be for evil and created by the devil himself.  It's so yummy!
You should try spanish peanuts evenly mixed with candy corn!
It's addicting.
of course everything meant for evil can be turned!
As a sat in the morning at my In-laws home waiting to borrow a vehicle, I quickly devoured the bowl of goodies (peanuts and candy corn) my MIL made!
As I began to leave, she politely offered up another bowl of sweet goodness!!  I declined, knowing that I would just devour another bowlfull!
I'm quite sure there is no good use for candy corn, it's kinda nasty if you ask me.  The only time of year you can get fresh candy corn is around Halloween, only adding to the yumminess of the mixture!!
Anywho, all things work together for the greater good!!
I pulled up at midnight to return the vehicle I borrowed for the day and a sweet angel appeared, moseyin' down the drive way!  It was my FIL coming out to meet me to retrieve his keys and much to my surprise and delight he handed me a bagful of this addicting mixture, prepared by, another sweet angel, my MIL!!
After a long day and a sortof rough one, it was a welcomed delight and at midnight!!  Have I told you I'm blessed!!  Oh yea, I am!!
Sweetening the deal even more, without thinking about it and just knowing I wanted to save it for the next day, I transferred the baggy of sweet yumminess to the vehicle I would be using the next day!
Yesterday morning my friend and I continued to move her into her new place (whole good story in itself) and we chomped on the mixture my In-laws had worked together to createand deliver to me!  In the midst of our chatting and laughter, I giggled to myself and thought about the sweetness shared with me the day before and how it only sweetened my short time with my friend while getting stuff done!!!
See "all things work together for the greater good of those who love Him"!!
I'm quite sure my In-laws didn't have any idea how that sweet baggy and their thoughtfulness would continue to make me smile and feel blessed but it does!  And then to have it hand delivered at midnight and then to only be sweetened by sharing it with a friend!! 
I've got a sneaky suspicion it was a ploy to get the candy out of their house, nonetheless, they still had to put time into the task and it was for me!!!
That's the good stuff!!
Run out get your candy corn and spanish peanuts and make two baggies full and keep one for yourself and hand deliver one to a friend!  Then make sure you share your baggy with a friend while catching up!  It only takes 10 minutes to devour the baggy and it's enough time to have a cup of coffee, a few good laughs and a heartfelt moment with a friend!  The blessings are beautiful! 
But hurry and do it now, before the candy corn goes stale!!
There's a time and a season for everything!!

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  1. I'm still avoiding candy. And basically anything that tastes good. That darn cruise you know! I keep telling myself, "You can eat it on the boat!" When the waitress asked if we wanted dinner rolls, "NO! I can eat them on the boat." This bowl of candy waiting for tomorrow night on the counter, "NO! I can eat chocolate on the boat!"
    This time next week we'll be in Miami!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it.