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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Date Night is Important!

I'm so thankful for being taught that "Date-night" is special and should be taken seriously.  I'm so thankful for being "pushed" to go hang with "the girls"! 
I had a last minute Friday night off! 
Adam had a mole removed  and since he has never even had a stitch and maybe one blood test his whole life (THANK GOD), I was a little nervous about how he would do, so I walked into work and took Friday off!!  When asked, if I had my shift covered, my answer was simply, "it just doesn't matter, I need to be with my guy tomorrow and I'm not going to be here!"  Of course, I NEVER do that, so it was covered!  My guy did extremely well, a few jitters, but a great/fantastic nurse went and found my big guy some gum and told him to focus on chewing the gum and blowing bubbles!! WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!  I'm so thankful for our nurse and the Doctor who was so down to earth and made Adam feel comfortable!
Anywhoo, hubby found out I wasn't going in Friday night and he said, "oh good, I'm coming home to take you to dinner"! 
I was so excited, but we both knew that it may or may not happen, depending on our patient! 
Honestly, it didn't matter, what mattered was that hubby made it a point to put me first, he made me the priority!  Of course, both of us had our oldest at a higher priority!
Patient was doing well!!  He had recovered fine and wasn't in any pain!
After talking to hubby a few times, I realized, work may not be able to let him get outta there!  None the less, I was going to get ready for date-night!
I was just about ready and wondering to myself how long I would stay "dolled up" before I put my pj's on and I heard the diesel pulling into the drive!!!!! 
It happened we really went on a date! 
I love date night!  What I love more, is knowing that I'm his priority #1!!  Cooler than that is knowing that our priorities line up together, so even though I'm his priority, our kiddos are our priority!  It all falls in line!
My  heart melted as he told me about telling his boss "I'll come in tomorrow, but tonight, I'm taking my wife to dinner"!
For two hours, we shared food and laughter, stories about both our jobs and our individual and together stories of our kiddos!  It was a perfect night!
I'm so thankful for being taught, by my in-laws, that date night is important, I'm even more thankful that hubby got that lesson too!!
BTW, I'm so glad that mole on Adam has been removed!!  After 15 years of constant watching, I'm so glad it's over and there wasn't anything of concern about it!!

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  1. How I wish we would have had this lesson modeled for us! Sadly neither of us makes this a priority, and it happens, oh a handful of times a year. We need to work on this.