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Friday, October 1, 2010

Not Like This

One day, I'll post pics of me and my weight-loss!  One day, I'll believe it!!
I thought I would do it at 40lbs of weight loss, but I'm so close and not quite there yet!!  I'm so freaking close!!
I had a great day of great choices!!  Except, I came home and in my cabinet, on top of the plates was (I should be writing is, but it really is a was) a bear claw, with my name on it!!!!! 
MY Mom is the most awesome!!  OK, my name wasn't on it!  Maybe it was for Larbo (this is the after talking) but it was yummy!!  There's still half on the plate!!  FOR NOW!!  (Really, I've had enough)!!  But this means, I know tomorrow I won't be posting that pic of me with a 40lb. weight loss!  I'll still, hopefully be at a 38lb loss!!  OH I HOPE!! 
I could have just gone to bed and never looked!!  For some reason, I looked in the kitchen this evening, something I rarely do after returning home from work!! 
FYI:  I still don't see any loss "in the mirror" (which is maybe why I need a photo), I do see it in the sizes I'm purchasing and on the scale!! 
I just wonder, is it possible to have to good of a self image??  Is it possible that an almost 40lb weight loss can go unnoticed, even by the "loser"??  Hmmm, I don't know!  I do know, that it makes sense to me now, why losing weight has been so hard for me all this time!
Hence, the unnoticeable weight loss to me, the bear claw waiting in the cabinet and the fact that I haven't given away any clothing yet, I won't be posting a photo of me with my "supposed to be" noticeable weight loss!! 

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