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Monday, October 4, 2010

He's Such A Good Guy!! A People Person!!

I can't wait to post about mine and my hubby's 20 year reunion that I stressed out so bad about!!
I can't wait to tell you that it is his 39th Birthday and me and the kiddos are sending him to work with a lemon cake with awesome lemon glaze and yes, candles!!!!!  And I know his friend (and mine) will make sure the candles are lit!!  Even if I have to call her!!
But after a great weekend and a good day, I'M TICKED!!! 

My Hubby has an awesome heart for people!!  He has a good heart in general, but when it comes to "people" he goes above and beyond!
Which is why, I was so happy to answer the phone for a person he has gone above and beyond for!!  He drywalled her house, 3 (frickin') years ago!!!!!
 My hubby gave up his drywall business that supported us for over fifteen years!!  All due to his, stick-toit-ness!!!  I love him and I love his go-getter attitude and I absolutely love and adore his heart for people!!!
This woman has been on his butt for over 3 years!!  I have let him handle it and be there for her!!  I have watched as he 'did his thing' and took care of business!!  Because that's Larbo!  He goes above and beyond always!!  He makes sure not only his friends are taken care of, but that his clients are too!!
He is an amazing man, and I do admire him!
Much the same as I do, I have discovered over the years, that he looks for me to help him keep his boundaries!!  I look at him for the same for me!!  (My times come way more often)!
My boundaries tend to be tight and Larbo loosens them, by his honest heartfelt explanations!  But tonight it was my turn to step in!
When she called me the "b" word and threw the "f" word in and challenged me that I couldn't stop her!  I  was done!!!!!!! 
My words were quite simple, 3 years later! 
"my husband has gone above and beyond and you are going to make him sick!"  Her response wasn't nice, right down to calling me a liar!!!!!!!  I AM NOT A LIAR!!!!!   I am a wife that loves her sweet husband beyond compare!!!!!!!
Quite honestly, this woman's "beef" is with the builder she had originally and with the taper she allowed in recently!!!!!  The LAST thing I'm going to do is allow my kind-hearted husband to do is to go back there!  She is a pesterer!! She has been taken care of, above and beyond (and even she can't argue with that)!  But now I'm done!  I've explained to her that my hubby's part is done!  She is not to call us any more!  That my hubby has gone above and beyond and that if it takes changing phone numbers to make her leave us alone I will!
My husband is a great guy and he was an awesome business owner and a DAMN good drywaller!!  None of that will EVER be taken into question!!  If it takes me to allow my boundaries to protect us, it's done!!  That's why we are such a good team!  He stretches my boundaries for people and I shorten his boundaries for people!!  We balance!! 
But be prepared my friends.........I am willing to turn mine and his world upside down for our protection!!!!!!!

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