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Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

I absolutely love love love Halloween!
I'm not so much into the scary and the gory!  But I love the make believe!  I love the "idea" that kids can dream and be whatever they want and I think, if promoted properly, kiddos can believe that they can dream big, for life!  I'm just sayin' that's my hope!
I love the community that Halloween promotes!  It has the community out together on one night, just before we all get shut-in for the winter!
OK, so the "big one" was too cool to join in on the festivities with a costume, he did head out into the community and enjoyed his time saying hello to friends!!  He didn't t/t either :( When did he get too old to trick-or-treat?!  
It's a time of year where it's OK to have a fire pit in the front yard and it's ok to chat with kiddos and give them compliments and they can accept the compliment!  It's a day/night where the parents are out with their kiddos or the neighbors kiddos and it's ok to say hello to the neighbors!
I walked with my kiddos and my nephew and his friends and I met a few new people along the way!  It was ok to chat with neighbors that were strangers, until this night!  It's a night where the grandmas and grandpas of the neighborhood got to see all the kiddos and for those that didn't want too, it's ok just to turn out their lights and ignore all the "goings on"!
For me, Halloween promotes the "idea" of real community!  Coming together as one, even if just to celebrate.  It's a time where all the "stuff" that isn't supposed to matter, really doesn't matter!
This year I got to go back and celebrate in the neighborhood where my kiddos, until the past two years, have grown up "trick-or-treating"!  It was fun!  Even more fun was running into past neighbors and their kiddos and having the kiddos come by, just to say "hi"!  My heart melted, like chocolate!  The neighborhood kiddos, took time out from their candy-chase just to say hello!
I believe that their coming by was a direct product from the years of celebrating Halloween as a community!
Big time, thanks to my cousins for opening up their home, so we could enjoy Halloween festivities the way we always have and enjoy our neighborhood!  I'm so thankful!

These kids grow up sooo fast, it's nice to slow down and just enjoy an evening, where we let all the 'stuff that's gotta be done' go and we just enjoy our neighbors and our family!

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