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Sunday, November 7, 2010


I am in awe over the entire name-sake thing! I knew what I was doing when I named my daughter after my sister!
I knew I was asking for her to be like Windy! I knew it and I love it!
I didn't take EVERYTHING into consideration! I took her personality, her heart, her love, her passion, her friendship, her sense of family, perseverance, her willingness to speak the truth and nothing less! I took so many things into consideration! I wanted my daughter to be named after her Aunt! It made sense and it blessed myself and my husband. We asked for her to be Windy! God blessed us with a baby girl and I don't think she was even a minute old and we said her name was Windy. There wasn't a dry eye in the room, nurses included. Larry waited on me to say it, but he knew.
Truth be known, Larry really named all of our kids. I just ok'd the names he came up with.
My daughter is named after two very special people in mine and my husbands lives! She is named after my sister and we gave her Larry's mom's middle name.
Her name just flows!
In the days and months, leading up to her birth, we really knew what we were asking for! We knew, if this one was a girl, what her name would be.
Windy has all those characteristics that we love about her Aunt and we are blessed every day by it. I love saying Windy's name and spelling it for someone, it's a unique spelling, just like both of the girls! I love the pride my sister had when she said/spelled her name. Ya's is working on all that part! She has pride in her name, but she doesn't carry the frustration over people spelling it wrong or saying it wrong, she really just let's it be. I think she is confident that she knows her name and so it doesn't bother her that others don't get it!
What I didn't stop to think about, is how fast my sister grew up! How she understood people and their hearts at such a young age!
I'm so thankful I didn't stop to question and think into the future. I'm so thankful that she has a fun nickname, she gave to herself as a baby! 
She's growing up so fast....she's maturing at what seems to be a fast rate!  I still feel like I should be cuddling  her and holding her in one arm.  But she quickly reminds me that she's growing up.  She gets things and people so quickly, I didn't take that into consideration when we named her.  By getting people and having a heart for them, she also gets hurt, but it doesn't seem to stop her. 
She's a giver alright! 
Her appearance...................I really didn't take that into consideration when we named her!  I can't get over her appearance and her mannerisms!  They are my Sister's!  She didn't meet her, she only knows the stories she's been where did she get them?  Yep,  Windy is very much like her Aunt!
I'll take it!!

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