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Friday, November 12, 2010

One Truck + Two Girls =

A good moving company??? 
Truck, keys, cell phone, money and COFFEE!!
And off to Heather's!!  We had to get her moved this weekend! 
We started moving her the day before with HELP, alot of HELP!  But there was only a lil more to get by the next morning, so we made a plan and ATTACKED!
~sorta~ (more like we got attacked)
Our mouths stopped moving, ONLY, long enough to pick something up and get it to the truck!  At some point (we were carrying something down the stairs) Heather said to me: "two girls and a moving truck"!  hmmmm keeps me thinking (good business move or bad idea) either way "it's cute and could be a busy business" I replied!!
We move stuff out to the truck and we load it in!  Best way we know how to make it fit!  It all had to fit, we're short time and gotta get it done!
Truck's loaded!
Doors closed and we take off to our destination!
Yep you guessed it, mouths moving!
We turned the corner and drove off down the road
"HEY.............HEY" we heard from down the road!
Check the rear view mirror and there's a mattress on the ground!  Sucker flipped right out of the side of the truck!  Nope, we didn't tie it down! (That would take precious time)
Nice Guy and I might add, good lookin',  helps us get it back into the truck and says "you need to tie it down" (I think he repeated himself 43 times).  OK, I got rope!  Rope that's tangled and I mean TANGLED!  I untangle the rope (which took 10 minutes) it must have been 100 feet long!  While I continue to untangle....Heather and Nice Guy start rearranging the truck to make sure that it all STAYS inside the truck!  Mattress on the ground AGAIN!!  Mattress back in the truck!!   Mattress on the ground!!  Mattress back in the truck!!  NOW STOP REARRANGING!!  I'm untangling!  Heather's rearranging and Nice Guy is directing! (laughing out loud the whole time, oh ya, me TOO!!)
BTW, we are in the middle of the road and the truck is still running! (Shut the truck down Chrissy-truck is shut down now)
Anywhoo,  ropes finally untangled (with a few jokes) after a few more "almost there's" and a few comments taken the wrong way (still funny nonetheless)! 
During all this; neighbor lady brings out cookies to Nice Guy!  Hmmm, I wanted some cookies!!  (I still can't believe neighbor lady brought out cookies for him during our chaos)
There is far too much laughter going on, considering the chaos and we are short time and we need to get this done!!
Nice Guy is back in truck (it's my evil plan)
OK NICE GUY says wrap the rope around the furniture..........Nice Guy is right in the middle of the furniture!  So, he get's wrapped up tooo, right?  Hmmmm, this is where he tells us he has a "fiancee"! 
After all that work and all the laughter.............Now he tells us!
Nice neighbor lady, with cookies, NOT the fiancee!!
I would've planned a better place for the mattress to fall off the truck.......had I known he was "unavailable"!!
2 Girls + 1 Truck would be an ok moving business, but I thought it was going to be a "dating service"!

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