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Thursday, November 11, 2010

One Line and The Life it Took On!

 My FB Post:

Dude! Next time, you want to tell me what's good for my health, take the cigarette out of your mouth first! I'm just sayin'!

A friend posted: know that's not good for you.....*coughing*
Another friend posted: LOL!!
Another friend posted: LOL they were speaking from experience obviously!
Another friend posted: OM GOSH, that is too funny!!!
Another friend posted: SO TRUE SO TRUE!
Another friend posted: what's better then a doctor that smokes? Or a fat doctor? answer:....nothing.... we're all human... so let it be... let it be... whispering words of wisdom let it be...
That friend posted: that was deep... didn't think i had something like that in me did ya Chrissy?
I replied:  Wow Crazy deep!
Another friend posted: u should write that down Ben that could be a hit u never know
a friend posted again:  sorry but I can't "Let It Be"......if you want to smoke, stay out of my air space please....thank you!
Another friend posted: lol
Another friend posted: I used to smoke and I don't think that it is Anyone elses  business to tell me what to do so for all you smokers PUFF PUFF to ya'll
Another friend posted: it too...seriously.....
Another friend posted: I must agree with another friend  :)
Another friend posted: Thanks
Another friend posted: wow... love the love... a hit from me to all you... let it be...
Another friend posted:  Wow, this post went places I didn't even think about! I was posting on the irony! Isn't that the way it goes, we can tell everyone else what is wrong with their health and how to do it right and at the same time, be damaging our own health! If you wanna smoke, fine, just find a corner to puff in, cause I HATE the smell of smoke and when it gets in my hair, UGH!
I posted: I have another foreman at work that smokes and when we are doing the turnover it takes 3 minutes longer, all because of his "smokers cough" and everyday, without fail, I tell him "you want me to light you another cigarette?"
I posted to some friends: Y'all were with me!
To a couple of other friends:  I totally agree, don't smoke in my space, smoke in the corner that has been offered to you!
I posted to another Friend:  . I get the whole "choice thing" I get that we live to make our own choices, but really don't smoke next to those that don't, it's a respect issue! Puff away in your designated area! You say you used to smoke, why did you stop? I have a hubby that smokes and is ashamed of the fact that he smokes! He doesn't smoke in front of people, especially people that don't smoke, because he knows it is, not only damaging to his health, it damaging to other peoples health!
I posted to  another Friend:   I know your heart! I get where you are coming from and continue digging deep into your soul, I love you and your big'ol heart! ...
Another friend posted: Wow! My sis smokes but she's always respectful of me as I am of her with it too. We get along and I don't say much and neither does she. Just respect for others is all. Each to his own until it's killing mine....then, well.

Isnt' it crazy how you say one thing and it takes on a life of it's own!!!

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