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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day

The first day of school has come and gone.  It was bittersweet, for all of us.  The kids were ready to go back but not ready to give up summer yet, Larbo and I were ready for a routine for the kiddos and not ready for a morning routine for them.
They packed up their backpacks and sorted school supplies, they need less of our help preparing for school these days.  They do need a little guidance, but not nearly what they used to need.  It's working as it is supposed to.  There's joy and sadness in this process.
As we woke up for school and I checked beds to make sure each one was moving and shaking at the right time, each one's independence showed through a little more.
The first day of school isn't like when I went to school, my children put on their everyday clothes that they had all summer long----they never have put on brand new school clothes for the first day (I ALWAYS wore new clothes the first day).  I pushed a little and they quickly shot me down and went to school with the clothes they had picked out!
I shot a few pictures and said good bye to each one.
I am impressed by the transformation that has taken place in each one of them.
It leaves me wondering.........
Will we ever have a first day of school where the dog doesn't run out to get on the bus with the kiddos?


  1. Lol. Your dogs just miss them so much when they're gone. We're getting back into the routine here too, and I have to say the new things I'm seeing in my kids this year ROCK! So far EVERY day they've had homework, they come home, grab a snack, and sit at the table to get it done. I haven't said ANYTHING about homework...they just DO IT! It's a real life miracle!