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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not There Yet

We have come a long way, speaking of the  Women's Movement!
But we still have a looong way to go.
That being said, I know or I believe women and men are created differently.  I also believe, we can be treated equally!
Daily, I am passed up in the  roundhouse, by the crews, as they look for the roundhouse foreman!  They walk in and head to the back and when the roundhouse foreman isn't there (because she is in the other room giving direction) or if she isn't sitting at the desk, behind the computer, they have no idea who the roundhouse foreman is.  They pass me up, never make eye-contact and ask one of the MEN........where's the Roundhouse Foreman.......they immediately give good direction.

The question, from one of my co worker's:
Doesn't that hurt your feelings?

My answer is:
No, it really doesn't hurt my feelings.  It does make me laugh see the look on their face when they realize, they have passed me up 3 times!

Immediately, I am saddened!  I realize how far we have NOT come!

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