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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thanks MO!!!

I was allowed the opportunity to be involved in a very special day...........

an amazing day that celebrated the life of a friend and continued to share the legacy of his life:  

showing love and and sharing love with both family and friends....
that's only a small part of the legacy he left behind! 
In words I can't explain the sense of friendship and compassion he taught me.  
I can't even begin to think of how to say how beautiful his children are and 
I can't even explain the heart they have! 
I'm sure their mommy has alot to do with it also...
one that has such an awesome heart always shares it with someone else that has an equally amazing heart!
 These two kiddos have my heart!  
As I sobbed and I tried to get it together.......I hugged my friend and I took the moment to enjoy Ron's life and what he taught me and the legacy he left behind!
And then I watched them drive off.......on a bike run....that celebrates Mo's life!
Of course I cried, it was just too emotional
the turnout was amazing.....most were people who remembered Ron or were people that were friends of people that knew him! 
I didn't get to join in at the end of the ride.....but I did get to celebrate at the beginning of the ride!  I watched as each last one rode off......all I can say is:  It was beautiful, amazing and emotional!  I loved it!  If we have to let him go, this is definitely the way to do it!

This year, I shared the celebration with my own kiddos....only making it harder.....but reminding me of whats important!  
Thanks MO.....You are a big part of the lessons that have taught me to embrace what is REALLY important!!
I still miss you......I miss your friendship and your love!  You always knew the right things to say and the way to say it!  
I remember you showing up on my worst day (a very low self-esteem day), I don't think I had a chance to do anything to myself, except shower and take care of kiddos and you stopped by and brought me up 1,000,000 levels!  TRUE STORY!!

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