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Friday, August 20, 2010

Sometimes They Know n Sometimes They Don't

My anxiety oldest is going into high school, a freshman!  He is going to a very large school, something I didn't do until I went to college (and then it's very different).  To me, the school is overwhelming!  HALLWAYS AND HALLWAYS, CLASSROOMS AND CLASSROOMS!  So many different teachers.....and the amount of lockers, it's insane!!!!!
I took him for an orientation and as my youngest and I followed....I watched him.  Adam acted as though, this was normal, NORMAL!  He greeted friends, engaged in conversation, met a couple of teachers and even convinced me to purchase some spirit wear!  It didn't make him anxious at all, as a matter of fact, it seemed to calm him and at the same point created excitement for the beginning of the school year.  I watched in amazement!
We left and I felt slightly, less anxious about the big school....SLIGHTLY!
We took another trip back to the school, for more beginning of the school year stuff and this time we took Adam's aunt and cousin back with us, as luck would have it (only slightly planned by me), his aunt went to the same high school.
The two of them took off and left myself to watch..........
I was amazed the excitement in both of them began to come over me, it became very contagious!  What I thought would create more anxiety, was the exact thing I needed to calm my anxiety!!
Don't get me wrong....the school is still overwhelming to me, but I'm excited and not anxious (worried) any longer.
Peace comes from a direction, I never anticipated!  I love it
My cousin had no idea how much she helped me, I believe she was just enjoying the moment with my son......but that moment, changed my perspective and I found excitement!!


  1. Bekah was the same way. She's just kind of glided into high school. I think it helps that Marissa gave her some pointers :)
    Glad to hear Adam is enjoying it!

  2. It's always an anxious time when our children start something new, but he'll be fine, Mama. :) And it sounds like you are already getting more relaxed with it too.