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Sunday, August 1, 2010


I think Hubby and I didn't something very very right, when we bought a home, instead of renting!  I wouldn't have done it and I wouldn't have believed we could actually own a home back at the age of 21...but he did and he pushed...and we looked.....looked.....looked!
We found a home that we both felt was meant to be and meant for us....
We bid and purchased
I love that home, I love the memories and the life it helped to create!  I love that home, I love how small it was!  No one could get away!
The computer was in the dining room, connected to the kitchen (a central area in every ones home)!  There is only 1 bathroom and two kids always shared a room.....that is when we had three.....oh wait two kids always shared a bedroom, we used one room, as long as we could, for a TV room!
I had a formal living formal as you get in a 3 bedroom ranch, without a basement!
I loved that we were ON TOP of one another!
I think that that home helped to create the closeness we share as a family.....and the friendship my kiddos have!  YES THEY FIGHT!  Mostly they are friends, one is NEVER ever left out!  If they are together they are all included and they maybe fighting, but they are together and watch out for one another!
We have been working in that home as a family lately and doing  a "bang up" job!  The kiddos have put time and energy into it as well as Hubs and I!
It was alot of work, but always enjoyable to all of us!
I wonder, when my kiddos are grown up, talking to their kiddos, which house they are going to talk about as home......both houses are still a big part of their lives..........which one holds their heart the most?  Or will it be that they both hold their heart and they view both places as home and share stories about both?  I sure hope the second case scenario is it!
Truth is, when I think of home, my mind is scattered.....a home here, a home there.....a friends home here......a different friends home there.......a home in a car............a home watching a friend have a home.......a place to stay for a night or two, as a temporary home.......
Truth is, I always found a home and made a home.......but there isn't just one or two that hold my heart and honestly, when I think about makes my heart hurt.....there wasn't ever really just a HOME.....sometimes, most times, it was a place to sleep!  Once in a while, my heart would feel at home!
I pray I have done better for my Kiddos and that when they think of home, they think of HOME or even two HOMES that make their heart leap and warm!  I pray maybe Hubs and I have given them that!  Hubs knows the beauty of one childhood home....wonder how our kiddos will handle the thoughts of home after they are grown.....I pray that we have given them a couple places of true home...a place they see as home, even if it is two places!

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