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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


 As we strolled through the mall........School shopping, I looked ahead and saw my boys walking together!  It struck me, as my Adam has always looked like his dad and has always had his mannerisms and even his style of walking....Now he is just about as tall as him!  And looking even more like his dad!  Then I saw my lil guy strolling along behind them and realized that it wasn't going to be long until I would see him walking with his dad in this manor!  
It happens right in front of me and I still can't grasp the reality of how fast growing up really happens! 

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  1. beautiful photo...I am always taking photos from behind of our family holding hands and walking into the world together.

    this picture touched me...and I don't even know very soon your little man will be right beside the big guys...oh don't you wish you could just stop time at moments like this and run and play for a minute.