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Friday, September 24, 2010


I get up very early, by choice and I work very late, by choice!
I wake up my kiddos, one-by-one, for school and I get to enjoy a moment with each one of them alone in the morning!  I'll take that and I'll thank God for every moment I am right in front of them to discipline, guide, listen, hug, hold, kiss, correct and lead!
Some days my body chooses to stay asleep and I fight it......"this is the only time you will see them today"!
I definitely get up!
After they have left for school......I have more choices!
Gym or sleep?  No brainer......I pick the GYM!!  I have to, without the gym (workout), I'm fried and I should just turn in the towel and be a sobbing lunatic all day!! So most days, I pick the gym!  Occasionally, I chose the bed again.  When I chose my bed again, it's because my body is screaming louder than my brain!!
After the gym, I have this crazy routine, in order to make sure dinner is made for my kiddos!!  Daddy comes home from work far too tired to make dinner, he just wants to relax!!
Sometimes the routine is a lil different but it is always multi-tasking!!
I throw in a load of laundry and then go start pulling ingredients out of the fridge!
I fold the laundry I just pulled out and then start chopping!
I start another load of laundry and then I finish chopping.
I put on a pan and usually have to heat the oil/butter, so I run through the living room/computer room and pick up!
I throw something in the pan (usually the ingredient that has to cook the longest).
I run up the stairs and start my shower
Run back down the stairs to check the pan.......lower the heat
run back up the stairs and scrub my funky butt as fast as I can!
Jump out of the shower and semi dry off and wrap that towel around me and run downstairs to check on the pan!
This routine continues, up, down, up, down, dressed,  not dressed, dressed,  half dressed, up, down!
Finally, I am dressed and dinner is complete (usually)!
Strap on the boots, cover the dinner, make sure  I haven't forgotten anything for work, make a mental note of the chores that still need to be completed in the house and what each one of the kiddos can handle and then BLAST out the door!
It's going so fast and life seems to go faster now!  I have choices in front of me every day and I try to chose what's right for me and for them!
But some days the choice is back to bed, a long shower and an ordered pizza!!
Good thing is:  The kiddos enjoy these days of different choices!!
I love having choices and choosing right for me and for my family!!

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