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Saturday, September 18, 2010

1 Year

I walked by these photos last night and it stopped me in my tracks!!  These pics are from ONE year ago!!
 These photos are a little more recent!  I know they are growing fast and have changed so much, but it was last night, after coming in from work, I walked by their school photos from last year and WOW!  Such a difference in just one year!
Other Changes for this kiddo, include make-up and alot more time into her daily appearance (thank God for a late start to school for this one)! She comes bouncing down the stairs in the morning once she's ready, but don't interrupt her getting ready, STAY OUT OF HER WAY!!  She is more involvement in school and school activities!  She's way more social and outgoing!  I love it! 

This kiddo appears to be finding himself!  It's not an easy journey!  Freshman year was so difficult for me, I wish it wasn't that way for him, but I think it's that way with everyone!  It appears it's a year we DECIDE who and what we want to be and be about!  He's doing just that!!  He cares about his appearance more than ever!  Spends time doing his hair just right!  He cares more about school and is into it!  I think he has found what he enjoys in school (FINALLY)!  I am amazed at his change of perspective at exercise, he really enjoys it (I see a future workout buddy)!!

Other changes, have happened in a year!  Like this kiddo who wouldn't touch his own fish!  He is now baiting his own hook and taking his own fish off!  Woot!  This means that fishing for me is now HANDS OFF and for a woman that doesn't enjoy fishing, this means I need a better lawn chair and more good books!!  Maybe the fishing will help him to relax and stop stressing so badly!  He's still a little boy and doesn't care about his appearance and has to be reminded (told) to take a shower and brush his teeth, but I know it's only around the corner to where he'll be like the other two and my Mommy job of reminding (telling) will change to a different thing!

Such a difference a year makes!!

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  1. I haven't had my kids' pictures taken in years (3 I think.) That makes me sad. Even more sad is that we haven't had a family picture taken in about 7 years. I really need to get my act together.