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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Family Affair

I received a text!  I stopped to purchase the TP on my way home from work!  
We prepared!  Funny, I never remember preparing to TP when I was a kid.......
We bug sprayed each one of the kiddos!
Made sure the missing family members, really didn't want to join us!  The reply was:
"I am not going to be involved in any criminal activity!" I put that line in because it was quoted many times that night!  
(I don't think it was meant mean, just sarcastic and funny!)
We stepped back and enjoyed our finished product!  Well done!!  Before I knew it......5 kiddos were booking it down the street!  Like they all of a sudden realized they could get caught!!  The adults in our group laughed!  If those kiddos realized how loud they were the entire time, they wouldn't be running so fast!!!
We drove by a couple of times to enjoy our finished product!! 
Good Memories!  Everyone was safe and no one was arrested!  The receivers (sorta) found the humor in it!!  Their trees are fine and nothing was damaged!!  
All in good fun!!

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