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Monday, March 31, 2008

A day off at an end

I was talking to hubby on the phone and said "babe something is really wrong with my car" at that moment my car died!! On Route 30 at an intersection!!!!! Note to self and others: it doesn't help matters any to honk when someones car has died, hey here's an idea get out of your car and help the "woman" push her car! NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo we can't do that, we are all in a hurry and want her to know!! Amazingly enough, so many things worked out, as I put the car in neutral and started to push I saw flashing lights, unlike this time!! Then I heard "get in the car and steer ma'am" to which I replied without looking back, I got it. Then I heard, "GET IN THE CAR!" Then I looked back two, count'em 2 officers pushing my car, then I went downhill to a parking lot, then called hubby! He was there in 10 minutes. He was driving right down the street when I was talking to him. We open the hood and find the belt came off! After trying to put it in, by ourselves, we decide to call my daddy!!!!!! I am so thrilled, he lives and works right down the street and is not out on a installment he is at the shop and can help! So we stand outside in the rain fighting with the BELT for more than an hour and everyone decides the car has enough "juice" to get to daddy's house and mama can go home get the kids off the bus and the daddies can go back to work and finish the job later! If my car is going to break down, it is good to know it will be on a day off from work and those people, that I need at that time, are going to be close!
Later, kids come home and finish homework and we don't wait for their daddy!
Daddy fixed my car, I tried to help and now it is time for bed! Standing outside in the rain really takes it out of me!!


  1. If I would have seen you I would have stopped to help you.

    I don't know what is wrong with people, no helps any more. Sad world we live in.

    I'm glad your o.k.

  2. Rough day! Sorry your day off ended up like that. I'm glad you're ok. Rt. 30 is crazy. Not a good place for your car to die. Hoep all is well today!
    Thanks for commenting on my boring post.

  3. Hope all is well today! People can be so you wanted your car to break down?!
    Glad you got some actual help!

  4. Oh man! That really stinks! I'm glad Larry and your dad were so close by!

  5. I know....that is so sad that people are so hung up on their own stuff to reach out to help a women. I would have helped you if I saw you...

  6. THANK YOU!! Drives me nuts when people drive by and look at you all annoyed when you're knee deep in turmoil much less honk? Like you can do anything about it! Do your good deed for the day....git out and help push!!!! Nicely said, girlie. So glad it turned out so well. ug. Days like that suck.