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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My boy's button's are easy to push

The new school has been great for Adam, of course everything comes with a "bump in the road" (prounounce bump as beump)! He is an easy read, he wears his emotions on his face all the time!! This makes it very easy to push his buttons!!!
So, at dinner we were told about a kid, who is pushing him, but after long discussion it is not so much the bumping into that has Adam rattled. It is the talking about his mom! You remember the "yo mama" jokes and the I was "with" yo mama last night. Yep, those jokes bug my boy! After trying to explain the "high" road and explaining that this boy might be acting out and after explaining how Adam is showing how easy it is to have his button's pushed and nothing really getting through to him and only making him more angry (I read it on his face) I asked him if any of the things this kid was saying was true to which Adam replied "no". I think to myself this is easy, it isn't true it doesn't make a difference! Ha Ha HA! Words still hurt, true or not and he is hurt and angry! So I ask him and forgive my forwardness here. If this kid was sleeping with me who should we feel sorry for:
Yo mama puts on jeans
Yo mama puts on two-three layers of shirts
yo mama wears hiking socks to work
and then yo mama puts on steel toes boots that look like combat boots and then
yo mama puts on a BIG bulky carhartt coat and then
yo mama puts on an ORANGE hard hat with huge SAFETY glasses and then
yo mama puts on an orange vest like the ones you see on the people that work on the roads and then
yo mama, who doesn't look like yo mama puts on a reflective belt and puts a huge black radio in it and then yo mama looks like a man!!!
Now, if he wants to say he is sleeping with yo mama, maybe just maybe he is at a loss!!
My kids found this to be hilarious!
However let me tell you I AM the most sexiest wife Larry has ever had!!!!!!!

And that I am sure of!


  1. Oh, come on now, Chrissy! Surely you have a picture of yourself in your 'uniform' to post for WW.
    That's what scares me about putting my kids in public school. Mean kids that I won't know. When you work in your kids' small, private school, you know all the other kids, you know their parents, and you know where a lot of them live!

  2. Well done, Chrissy. You seem to do such a good job of talking to your kids. Adam, "Yo' Mama" is a really good mama!