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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

They had to wait

Daddy wouldn't let the kids come downstairs until I got home on Easter morning and they could hardly wait!
They knew their Easter Baskets were down there!

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures during the gathering, but it was a great celebration! Hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter!


  1. Isn't blogging great? You have these slice-of-life memories written down (and pictures, to boot!). It's a great way to journal about your life. And, believe me, if you weren't writing things down here, you would probably forget most of them, no matter how "unforgettable" they might seem at the time! (I speak from experience!)

    Glad you had a great Easter.

  2. That is so sweet that he made them wait for you! Looks like a great time!

  3. YAY!! I'm glad they waited for mama!!! Great pictures, girlie. xo.

  4. That's right it doesn't happen until mama says it happens!!!!!!!

  5. Gee, I miss those days....
    Oh, re-read my blog today...I am not really on a beach this week...I did a little edit cause it did make it appear that I was...Boo Hoo...

  6. Looks like everyone is having fun.
    Happy belated Easter.

  7. OHHHH waiting is sooooo hard! Looks like you had a geat day.

  8. They look like they're having so much fun! I love the color of your living room walls too.