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Monday, March 3, 2008

Whatcha think...

What is the age to give a child a cell phone?
Is there an "age"?
I think it should go on what the responsibilities are and what the reasons. I know that cell phone's have been requested, not only by my 12 year old but also by my 9 year old!! Yes, I have seen even younger with cell phones. Maybe they are necessary for these families, I am just not sure. I am really not ready to add that bill and that responsibility on!
What do you think?
Do your kids have cell phones?
Have you set an age or a certain responsibility level?
Or are you just playing it by ear like me?!


  1. My older girls 8 & 10 have been begging, but we think they are too young.

    Where do they go without me?? No where!

    We said they could have them at the start of 6th grade...that is when they will start at the Middle School and when activities will require me to pick them after school,etc. so I figure then they may have an actual need for them.

    A lot of my third graders friends have them already though...I just don't get it. It's not really abou the extra money for us, it's more about the need. There is no need for them to have them right now, so why get one.

  2. My son, who is 9. Has one. It was my husband's idea, but now I like it that he does. He takes it with him on sleepovers and playdates and it is reassuring to me that I can get a hold of him, and he can get to me if he needs me.

  3. My oldest, who is 13 has one. I was against it, but Daddy got it for her. I do like that she has it because many times we drop her at church for youth group, and she can call us when it's time to pick her up. Other than that, I work in their school, we drive them to and from school, and other than that they are always with trustworthy adults. There is no need for them to have one. She is also very responsible. When the other one's are 13, we'll see.

  4. Call me old fashioned but we survived as children without cell phones and my children made it fine without one. I guess if the child is responsible, maybe in Jr.High and only used in case of emergency, it would be ok. I think the more we give our kids, the more they will expect. I am glad cell phones weren't popular when my kids were growing up.

  5. Well I have a 15 mo old and he's mastered my cell phone already so I'm a little worried.