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Friday, February 29, 2008

A long way to go

I went to my new Nurse Practicioner today and I am so pleased. I think she is sorry she picked me up as a patient! I felt as though she really cared, she could relate and in turn help.
Since the beginning on January my medication has not worked for me, but I kept putting it off and hoping things would get better. I'll tell you a little. I suffer from depression that stems from post traumatic stress disorder and it is familial. I hope it isn't hereditary and just familial!! Anyway after a time sometimes medication doesn't work anymore and for some reason, this time I denied that the meds could have stopped, it had to be me. I finally made an appt. to see the Dr. and I went today. A new prescription and just doing something about it is helping than you put that with seeing the sun today, briefly, and I am doing better.
I am sure it has a ton to do with this and even more to do with a friend both my husband and I grew up with and the fact that she lost her husband (who we also went to school with). she lost him at the end of January and it is still so fresh, I need to write to her, but what can I possibly write that will make a difference! Nothing, I'll just let her know I am here and I love her. Than let's add the move, I didn't move for 14 years before this and before that I moved more than 30 times in a 3 year span!! Add that we are renting out our other home! Also add that I just received a promotion and have to build my confidence and than add the lack of sunshine and lack of heat and here you have me, that blubbering mess in the corner, someone drag me out please!!

I went into Target this afternoon and I went for a script fill and sox for everyone! Ha ha ha, I left with the script, eyeliner, pencil sharpener, some wash cloths, mouth wash, toothbrushes, hairspray, no sox!!
I am one amazing mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yes, you are one amazing mom! You know where I'm coming from, and I know how you feel. Unfortunately, I got a new script not that long ago, so that's not it for me. Every day I get up, I hope today will be a better day. Just take one day and get through it. Then, another, then another. God's walking through this with us both. Let's remind each other of that.

  2. No socks...that is something I would do!

    I just read your previous posts about all you are going through with Adam and the are doing such a great job handling the situation and showing your children how to be a mature adult who can resolve issues through conversation. So many others may have ignored it or not wanted to be bothered. Way to go! I hope everything will work out.

  3. I rarely ever walk out of Target having my list completely filled and I always leave with extra things. Target, we have a love hate relationship.

    Glad you're getting yourself better!

  4. Chrissy -- I have one suggestion re. talking to your friend who lost her husband. When I go to the funeral home, I always try to share a memory I have of the person with their loved one, because I think one huge fear by survivors is that that person will be forgotten. I also say, "As long as there are fond memories in lots of people's minds -- a little of that person is still here." I THINK that feels good to the survivor.

  5. Oh sweetie. That's a lot of stuff at once. I'm going through no where near that much stuff and I'd still forget the socks. I went into Rite Aid yesterday to get one thing and I emerged with three bags of VERY important stuff. hehe. xo.

  6. You sound like me and I have only moved 3 times in 33 years. Glad you are taking care of yourself cause your kids and hubby need you healthy.