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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I didn't want to believe it

So, I went to another mom and confronted her with some serious stuff, and I wasn't yelled at and I wasn't rejected, and she didn't even get mad at me. This was so hard. I told her that I thought her son stole from our house. This young boy is a friend of my son, so it hurt to have to go to his Mom with this issue. My heart has been broken and continues to ache! My allegation was confirmed, by the boy's mom. Confirmation only made it hurt more. Then Adam came home from school and I needed to tell him that what I thought was true. Adam was hurt and he got angry, and then he was hurt again. I talked to him about this situation and explained what the other boy's mom had told me as a tear rolled down his cheek and couldn't help but to hurt for him! Why wasn't I wrong this time? I really really wanted to be wrong. I have been in touch with the parents of my son's friend and they are hurting and trying to deal with this, however, God has been with them through all of it, they have honestly felt His presence! I think the other mom would tell you that they physically saw God!!
God has also been with my family through all of it!! God has given Adam an awesome gift of easy forgiveness and he has forgiven! My husband is an awesome leader of our family and his given us good solid direction! It doesn't stop hurting overnight and I don't stop being concerned about this young man overnight! He really is a good boy, he made a bad choice, and now I hope that this was only the start and now it is ended. With this I am confident in restoration by God!!
My Windy was upset that she would have to work off money owed to me, I reassured her that I understood and that she should consider it paid off!
I myself, was very concerned for this family. Everything has gone well for them at this point. I honestly believe that this boy will be fine!
My family really loves this boy and we have always welcomed him in our home, we still love him, so for right now there needs to be some distance. So, yep, this one cuts right to my heart.
Adam's first words when I told him I suspected his friend: "I don't think so mom, he goes to church and is involved in good organizations!"
This is the perfect time for a good lesson: "Church doesn't make a person, we still have the freedom of choice. Just because someone goes to church all the time doesn't stop them from choosing wrong." God is not into force, He is into grace, God is kind and gentle. Adam understands now when I tell him it is his choice, it really is his choice!!
Please please pray for this family and also include my family in your prayers. Adam does hurt, and is very concerned about the "what next".
My answer, the only one, "continue to pray and always tell the truth and we will PUSH past!!!

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  1. I believe you are a wise, and God-pleasing Mom. I feel privileged to know you. It sounds like you are dealing with this in such a Christian way, and being such wise counsel to your son. You ARE in my prayers.