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Monday, February 11, 2008


This Boy is 7 today and I can't believe it!
He is an amazing boy! He is sweet and kind (sometimes, all the time, he uses this for his best interest) and very sensitive.
I have said it before, he is the baby, he has been treated like the baby and he acts like the baby! This has made discipline a challenge, until recently. He is soooo sensitive that, unlike the other children, a quick holler and immediate direction catches him quickly! Thank God we found a way to direct him correctly, it is a challenge!
Anyway, Mitchell has been interesting, he has really taught us to slow down and laugh more and louder! He has also taught the other children about laughter and about the "big picture". The largest lesson he has taught us is that: We are not in control! He taught us that one even before his birth! As his parents we were not included in the planning, Thank GOD, because if I was I wouldn't have planned him, Mitchell was planned by God, all by Himself, God didn't need our help!!! God has used Mitchell to teach us about wonderful SURPRISES and amazing life! The question he has taught us to ask ourselves is: Is this really going to make a difference in our life and how upset do we really need to be over this, how is it going to affect us in the long run? I think that that was a good question to learn.
Mitchell has recently lost two teeth and is growing up right in front of us! He has a been a shorty for his whole life and now he is growing UP!!!
His laughter is contagious, and the way he stops to give hugs and kisses or just to climb on a lap is amazing! What is also amazing is that the other two kids have now caught on and even though they are older they stop and climb on laps and give lovins!! I love the lessons Mitchell has taught us in his 7 short years and look forward to the lessons he will give us all. An amazing young man he is!!
Happy Birthday Mitchie!!!
I love you!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Mitch!! I miss the baby I knew, and and sad that I didn't get to know him as he has grown up. Time sure moves quickly sometimes.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MITCH!!!!!!!!!!! Chrissy, are you positive he is 7??? LOL

  3. He's grown so much...unbelievable!
    Happy Birthday to your boy!

  4. Polly, Mitch has told me several times that he really is seven!! Although, yesterday he mentioned not growing up and only aging every few years, I thought that was a great idea!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your boy! What a wonderful post.

  6. Happy Birthday Mitch...You share my dad's birthday....I can remember changing his diapers in the church nursery...and he always had such a sweet spirit about him...a very sweet sharing loveable little fella....
    Noah will be 7 on Saturday...time really does fly.

  7. He is so cute! Happy Birthday!
    Hope the move has gone well, can't wait to see some pictures!

  8. What a loving tribute to your little one, Chrissy. Happy Birthday, Mitchell! (What a cutey)


  9. Happy Birthday to your little man! Isn't it amazing when they show us the big picture. My husband and I always say we need them so much more than they need us!