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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hard words............

I really always want to believe my children. I want them to know that "I have their back" always! So to have to go to another mom with an issue was so unbelievably difficult!
I put it off, I tried not to do it in person, I tried to discredit myself! I thought, when my kids were young, that it would be easier when they could talk! How did I kid myself on that one!
I had to go talk to one of my sons friend's mom's and tell her I thought her son, needed some help. I still hope I am wrong, but if I am that means even worse!!
It does take the community or village to raise children! We do have to come together as parents and be able to speak openly and honestly about what is going on!!
Adam has a very good friend and I like his mom and family and I tried, DESPERATELY, not to believe my own thoughts, but after all day I had to go see her! We went out for tea and had good, open, honest conversation and she accepted all I had to say and together, her and I will get to the bottom of the story! We laughed, we cried and we prayed together! I prayed that my son would still have the Good Friend he has and that all turns out well. But I still hurt inside, how can this happen, what if it were my son? What would I do? Would I believe the other parent or my child? Truth be told I believe Adults before children! Not that children are so horrible and that adults never lie, but kids do try to "cover their butts" after the fact! Yes, I am one of those parents who always, wants to believe my child is telling the truth, but I am also truthful and know that I am raising a child and if they were perfect and didn't need guidance, God wouldn't have given them Parents!! This is so much harder than I would have ever believed and now I am sure it only gets harder! When they were babies I could only believe it would get better, how wrong wrong wrong I was!! Make no mistake, I still have my kids backs, I am more on their side than anyone! Nope I don't believe that they have it all together and that they are always "truthful", I will always be their loudest cheerleader and their biggest hugger and the one who is always at their side, however I believe they need constant direction and redirection and I am That MOM!!! And my husband is That DAD!! This raising kids is not simple and it doesn't get easier!
Add to all this the "word" I got today that was so right on and so perfect, followed by the tongue lashing I received all in the same prayer message and you have one beat up mama! Yep you guessed it I am not perfect and I love my children and their friends and I love God most of all, I am feeling really beat up on! I am sure you can all relate, please share and help and Thank God with me for His daily lessons, even though not everyone thinks I can learn from God Daily!


  1. No, it doesn't get any easier, but by the grace of God, it gets more and more rewarding.

  2. I'm probably not the best one to be helping you up at this moment, Chrissy. I'm feeling quite beat up myself, but you have me pegged, because you know I'm doing it to myself. I'll be praying for you as I know you're praying for me. I do have one thing to cheer you up. At a bridal shower this weekend Nicki P. asked how you were and said she misses you so much. You are so loved, Chrissy. We may not get to see you often, but the impact you made on so many people during your time at Laurel was huge! Your fruit remains, and that is what is important.

  3. I remember having to get involved with a situation between two kids when I was a school principal. It was a lot like you're describing, but neither of the boys were officially "mine." Through the process some very dark, horrible things came to the surface and I started feeling the same way - beat up and I wanted to run away from it somehow. I begged God to let me be free of it somehow and not have to go through the horrible process that was coming and I remember clearly sensing His voice say, "I can do that, but then these people will not have anyone representing my kingdom to help them through this. Is that what you want?"

    Chrissy, maybe this a part of what you were called to this kingdom to do. It's not easy, but put in those terms, I know you would do it and pay any price to see it done. Hang in there! Those He calls, He equips.