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Monday, February 4, 2008

Dial up internet...............

diaaaal upppppp internet is so sllllllloooow!~! I am trying to find some high speed or something. Hang in there with me bloggy friends. I am in a different area and have no idea about the connections here. So until I figure it all out I am using some free internet access I found!!

On a good note, we are innnnn! Kids have completed their first week in a new school, and that first week even included a snow day!!! Oh yea, the new school is awesome!! They have already made friends and exchanged phone numbers, yessss!

The kids did invite friends they have had for a while to come over, and they went snowmobiling on our own property! We are coool parents now!!!

We are getting there, like the internet, slowly! Does the unpacking ever stop?!

Time to see what all you bloggers are doing! Thanks for checking in, pictures to post soon!


  1. Sounds exciting, Chrissy. Glad the transition is going so smoothly.

  2. Are you close to where you use to live? It must be nice to have enough property to go snowmobiling. Sounds like the meeting place for the friends. I remember my house being the hang out a lot when my kids were growing up. I miss those times...they were so enjoyable cause one of my son's friends use to eat up all the left overs so I didn't have to throw anything out.

  3. Yeah! I' so glad you are officially in the new house. That is so exciting. The more we talk about a possible move next year, the more I think Crown Point. Who knows, YaYa and Alisha may get to be in the same school.

  4. Such a relief when the kids like a new school and make friends, isn't it?

    Best wishes in your new home.

  5. Glad to hear you are in, you must be so happy. Can't wait to see the pictures.