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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When it isn't spring weather yet

Make it Spring!!
So we have on winter coats and it is very cold outside. But at least daylight is around a little longer!
This made us able to get outside and enjoy the daylight just a little! Even though Mitch didn't learn to ride his back this day, at leat he was able to attempt it! I was so happy

to stand outside for a moment and it not be dark!


  1. I love that it is light out when we get home from work and we can be outside.

    Looks like everyone is having a good time playing. I'm with you where is Spring????? I'm so sick of cold weather!

  2. We are enjoying the extra day light too. On the downside, it's still dark when the kids have to get up for school. Hrumph!

  3. Today was actually nice! We went out for morning recess. It was great to breathe fresh air and not have to give the kids "speeding tickets" for running in the play area.
    That's one of my summer goals. I still have two who don't (more like won't) ride a bike. They are afraid of getting hurt, and won't even try.
    It looks like you're enjoying your land and big driveway.

  4. Spring can't come quick enough for me this year! Is it just me or did this winter feel like it went on FOREVER!

  5. Oh Spring where art thou? Hurry please.

  6. Go Mitch, ride that bike. Spring is around the corner....after the next snow storm...

  7. Ah- wasn't yesterday wonderful!? I hope the same for today!


  8. I'm loving it! It's nice to leave work and it still be light.