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Sunday, March 9, 2008

tagged, I'm it

I have been tagged by PB&J Boats and Sunny Side of the Street for this meme

8 things I want to do before I die:
1. One more Ice sculptor, I only did two in college, but I would like to do one more even if it doesn't turn out
2. Go to Hawaii
3. visit my cousin, wherever she is, instead of her visiting me
4. Skydive (I think)
5. Be, somewhat, SKINNY (or maybe just no "jelly roll" over my jeans")
6. Feel comfy in a two piece bathing suit, even if I don't ever wear it in public
7. Put all my children through college
8. Watch all my children get married to their one and only and be a great grandma!!!

8 Things I often say:

1. Stink (yep just like Lisa)
2. Chop chop
3. Buckle up, Baby
4. Let's go Joe!!!
5. I love you
6. Do you have a bra on?
7. Did you brush your teeth, brush your hair and put deodorant on?
8. Is your homework done?

Songs I sing over and over again:

1. I have decided
2. honky tonk badonkdnk
3. Ready set don't go

4. signs signs everywhere a sign
5. I love you Lord
6. Father, I adore you, (then you replace Father, with Holy Spirit, Then replace with Jesus)
7. That Crayon Song
8. Wonderful tonight (Eric Clapton)

Things I am passionate about:

1. God and my relationship with him and my childrens relationship with him
2. Being a good friend
3. Being a Good Woman
4. being a good mommy
5. Working out
6. Eating right
7. Education of our children and continuing education of ourselves!!
8. moving up in work

Books I have Recently Read:

1. Five Love Languages (again)
2. The Undomestic Goddess
3. The Spin Cycle
4. The Bible (continuous)
5. Rule book for work (does that count)
6. Your Best life Now
7. Mr. Brown Can Moo, can you?
8. does Self Magazine count? (article this month on Faith Hill yea baby!)

Things that attract me to my friends:

1. Honesty
2. Love of their family
3. love of God
4. kindness
5. openness
6. availability (on the phone)
7. forgiveness
8. Sense of humor

8 people I think should do this:

The first 8 people here. Leave a comment and I'll add you to this list below:
1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?
7. ?
8. ?


  1. Good lists. Your songs crack me up. Bodonkedonk...

  2. You are so funny! Do you have a bra on?!?! This has me in stitches! Actually, I agreed with many of the things on your list. Thanks for playing!

  3. I liked who you are even before I read your lists -- I like you even more now!

  4. Good job, Chrissy! It wasn't that hard, was it?

  5. This is a good list!!! I too want to see Hawaii someday and preferably without my middle spare tire tagging along. ;(