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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cramming in

I get to entertain in my new home! I am having a small Easter gathering at my house on Sunday and I am so excited!!! To be able to celebrate and not be crammed in is so awesome! I am pretty sure there will be seating for everyone, even if there is snow on the ground and we can't go outside. I would like to have the Easter Egg Hunt outside, if we can't there is enough hiding places inside, we can still do it!

Other news: I have dropped the "cruise weight" and a couple of extra pounds! The neatest thing is that my jeans are feeling just slightly baggy in the behind! Down below 180 to 177! Yep, back to posting on my weight loss journey!
I am not feeling my best these days. I think, I am fighting that thing, you know, the flu. So I slept in and didn't get to see my babies this morning! I was also unavailable to help Yas with her new hairstyle, guess she looked pretty rough this morning! But "super daddy" stepped in and did what he could (probably a little better, maybe, I hope)!

Spring Break starts today after school! Yea for the kids, Mama doesn't get spring break, boo for mama!
Anyway, short on time just wanted to update!


  1. Thanks for the update! Get all the rest you can, when you can, so you can enjoy your family during spring break.

  2. I love to have people over to our house- it's the before and after cleaning that I don't like so much. What are you going to cook for Easter dinner?

  3. Right on. Have fun entertaining and YAY on the weight loss!!! I wish I could say the is in the toilet. ug. It was all that yummy pizza in Chicago!

    Happy Easter my friend.


  4. May you have an especially blessed Easter in your new home.

  5. Hooray on the weight loss...I am still trying but had a rough last week...I got right back on the horse again though.
    The kids looked so exicted to hunt the eggs. Your son looks just like you in that picture holding all the eggs...

  6. Wow. All that GRASS...must be nice.

    Congratulations on the weightloss :)