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Friday, July 24, 2009


I posted this about 2 years ago, but I have the perfect opportunity and good reasons to post it again!

My Dad just celebrated his 60th Birthday! I am so proud and amazed by the obstacles he has made it through! He is an awesome father and an amazing Grandpa! I am so proud to call him Dad!
Happy Birthday Dad!
TO MY DAD, my amazing, awesome, wonderful dad and to the GREATEST GRANDPA EVER:
This is his Yard Railroad and it has grown and transformed since these pics, I'll try and get some new ones on here soon!!

This is a special one for me. I am so proud of my dad. Early in my marriage I went a long time with watching my dad fight a huge battle and for an even longer time just giving in to it. We have become so close in the past 6 years it is amazing. God does restore relationships, he is good for his Word, always.
Another cool thing about this is that my children absolutely adore him and could never imagine the man I sometimes recall (just so they know how far and how strong my dad is) and tell stories about.
My dad was a good father, but got lost in some things that happened and had a hard time figuring out how to cope and tried to cope in ways that really hurt himself.
Anyway, this is a passion my dad has found in the past couple of years. G gauge trains. He said he wanted to build this track and scenery in his backyard. I honestly thought it would take him at least a couple of years!!! I would say it has probably taken him less than this one summer!!!!!!
I think this is so cool, it is awesome to sit around and watch the two trains go by and see what my dad has put together with his own two hands! It made me want to share it!
Here is a picture of the bridge that he built himself over the pond and water fall he put in.
These pictures just don't do this train justice! It is still "a work in progress" I think if he were done, it could be finished, there is still so many more ideas in his head.
As you can see it is also something my children enjoy.
When we get to his house to visit, suitcases get dropped wherever (unless mom reminds them to take them in) They are on to the train. He lets them rearrange the buildings, houses and people.
When they go to train shows it is a challenge for them to find the right size pieces. It is very neat to hear my kids talk about what deals and what kind of stuff they found for the trains.
My dad has really made them feel apart of this project.

I am just so impressed by my father and the fight

he has fought and how well he continues to fight. I am so thankful for him and the restoration God has given us.
I am so close to my dad, I talk to him daily

now!! My dad is a kind and gentle man that has come through some things the hard way. He is a fighter and enjoys helping others through their battles. I am impressed by the way he doesn't hide from what he has gone through, but shares it with those who need to hear! He is a man that doesn't give up easily, on himself and on others he gives until it hurts and helps until he truly cannot any longer and to the point of hurting himself!! I just cannot tell you how impressed I am by my fathers will to fight and press on and through and passed.

Dad, this one is dedicated to you. I LOVE YOU!

I am so proud of you. I enjoy the relationship we have and even more the relationship you enjoy with Adam, Windy, Mitchell and Larry it gives me an overwhelming JOY!!!


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