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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Am Ready

I am ready for a change, in my career! I am ready for a new challenge and I am ready for more of the railroad and what it has to offer and teach me! I am ready!
A new position posted on the web some time while I was on vacation and was still on there (for only one more day) when I returned to work!
This sounded like a great stepping stone for me, in my career! I was ready and I applied! I was so excited when I found a response in my email the very next day and I would be able to interview for this position! I was soooo sure it was right and that it would be a great way to "round out" my mechanical knowledge! Wohoo, God is good all the time! I would apply for this position that was on car-side, I currently work locomotive side! This is an awesome opportunity and at such a time where there are layoffs and furloughs and hiring freezes, whew, I beat the, or shall I say, God beat the world at it's own game again! The world has no hold on what God can do! I am going forth and doing more and bigger and better!

The interview, I thought, went well and left me even more excited!

Only to hear the very next morning, at 6am, on the AM conference call, that the position (my stepping stone position) went to someone else!

My heart, sorta dropped and sorta stayed up and going, like I knew this was only a test!! I didn't tell my boss, I had heard who got the position or that I knew it didn't go to me! I simply said "see ya later" walked out the door and headed to the service track office!

I called hubby, as soon as I walked out the door of the Roundhouse office! All I said, "I didn't get it" no tears, no nervousness, just real matter of fact, I didn't get it! I moved on and went to work!

Then I started reanalyzing my interview, I couldn't find much that I thought I had done wrong!

The interviewer, then showed up on Locomotive side (he is a car-side guy and we don't mix too much only because our jobs have us going different directions) and he asked me if I had a minute! Hmmm, of course I have a minute, you are the man I would love to work for right now and I am sad that I don't get to! So the question: Do you have a minute? is totally unnecessary!

I sit down in my boss' office with the boss I want to have and this gentleman gives me pointers on how to interview better the next time! HA, I am completely shocked and thankful! Are you serious, this man is going to help me make sure I secure the next position I apply for and he has the nerve to ask me if I have a minute!

Truth be known, I am little let down, but not held back, down or out, this only promotes my thoughts to "wow God, what is it you have for my next career move?"


  1. I love how you stay positive though all the ups and downs of life! I've always told you that you are one of the strongest people I know...that is STILL how I feel. I also know, that you can be that strong because of your faith in God to BE your strength. I pray for favor over you, that the next position you desire will be yours!

  2. Chrissy -- I think it says ALOT that that guy took the time to encourage you to apply again and wanted to help you do it even better. To me, that says he WANTS you to work for him. I hope that opportunity comes soon. :)

  3. Chrissy, You amaze me girl! There is no stopping you. You are someone I really admire.