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Sunday, September 13, 2009

what a week...

It has been an emotional week!
On Friday, I kept saying to the kids "today is 9/11"!
Adam totally got it, his heart was there! His heart was in the day and with mine, for a change, my oldest and I were seeing eye-to-eye!!
Windy, kinda got it! She was sympathetic and full of heart, like she always is! She is always "into" what someone in the family is "into"! I pray and hope she learns to be "into" what her heart is "into"! If you know what I mean!
Mitch, my Mitchey, totally didn't get it and somewhere in the short morning, we share together, he said: "mom, you keep saying it's 9-11, what does that mean" ha, my heart sunk and then it leaped, almost like it was supposed to! My heart was saddened and happy at the same time!
He didn't know the sadness of 9/11! He was so innocent!
I remember that day, like yesterday! I had Mitchey in his stroller and Adam and Windy at my side, as I would any Tuesday that year! I had showed up to workout and stayed for a bible study at church!
My Mitchey was only 7 months old, to the day! Windy was only 3 and Adam was 6! Windy remembers somewhat, but Adam, 9/11 holds a place in his heart as it does mine!
That was the first day, since Adam was born, that the TV was on alllllllllll day and on that CNN channel! Usually, our TV was only on at specific times, never would it be on for noise!
So much changed that day for all of us, but it changed even more for those directly affected!
My heart still breaks thinking about those families that had given and lost so much on that day!
Why haven't I taught my youngest more about that day already? Oh yea, the emotion and the heart in it all, was tough, very tough!
So on 9/11/09 I started teaching my youngest more about 9/11/01 and my older two will continue the journey with Mitchey!
My heart/mind never stopped praying for our Country and the families directly affected by that day, but my mind never started teaching about 9/11!
What a day! Still learning to learn!

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  1. I finally found some time to catch up on your last 3 posts. Way to keep up with the blog.
    We need to "make it happen" soon!