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Monday, September 14, 2009

Hank Again...

This morning, as Mitch and I were waiting for his bus, I was tying his shoes (because I'm his mom and I can do that) and he was using that moment to talk to me! I love these moments, that's why I blow dry Windy's hair and tie Mitchy's shoes and heat up Adam's food, because in these moments, while they are waiting for me to help them, my kids talk! They talk about the good and the bad going on and they just chat about what's on their mind! I love these moments!
Anyway, we were running a lil behind schedule today, so Mitch and I walked outside and took Hanky (one of our dogs) out on the porch with us and we all sat down! This is a normal routine! I have my coffee and the dog and my Mitchy all at hand. We sat down, all of us, on the steps of the porch! I started tying Mitch's shoes and he started chatting, not about anything important, just chatting! Then I looked up and the bus was here! I yelled "bus" like I do every time we are running, slightly, behind schedule and Mitch took off running to catch the bus (this is when I don't like a looooong driveway) and Hank took off running after him, so of course, now Mama has to run to the bus!

OK, here we go again! It's morning, I have my PJ's on and that means no bra! The bus has pulled to our drive and Mitch is running for the bus (backpack bouncing) and oh yea, Hanky is chasing Mitch and I am chasing Hank! Because I am in my PJ's I have no shoes on and we have a gravel drive, so my run is more like an ouchy run! Oh thank God, Hank stopped when Mitchy got on the bus! Whew, but I am still running to get Hank and before I know it, he is up the bus steps and on the bus! Hank is ready to ride to school!
I have never been on my kids bus in the AM! Until today, that is! Now, I am up on the bus and looking for Hank, oh yea he is all the way in the back of the bus all the kids, thankfully, are laughing and petting him!
Oh yea, try telling the dog he's bad when 60 little hands are petting him and 30 lil sweet faces are telling him how cute he is and oh the laughter on the bus! Crazy!

I get Hank, literally, drag him off the bus!
Look up at the bus driver, who is, I think smiling, I know shaking her head at me and apologize, at least 24 times!
Oh yea, we live on a semi-busy road and all of you waiting to get to work, I apologize! Hank had to go to the vet today for his shots, so he got his discipline, sortof!
But when Mitch came home, I asked him "so are we in trouble with the bus driver?"
He replied, "not sure, she didn't say anything, but everyone was telling my teacher that Mitch's dog was on the bus!"
So as embarrassing as that moment seemed, Mitch with one shoe tied, Hank on the bus, Mama in her PJ's no shoes and no bra, it turned out to be pretty cute!
BTW Hank will not be out on the front porch with us any more!

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  1. Hilarious! I'm sure a dog on the school bus was a big hit with all the kids. I had my own embarrassing moment this week when I tripped on the leg of a students chair and fell. Yep, totally fell flat to the floor. In slow motion it seemed. There was silence until (from the floor) I uttered,"I'm ok." Then they erupted in laughter. I just pray they forgot about it by the end of the day and no parents were told!