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Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Know I Said Either Way.....

But I can't help to be a little let down and a little sad. After all, I don't put in for a position, unless I know I am qualified! I didn't get my "lateral" move! I know that isn't supposed to be a big deal and I know I said either way I am happy. I am happy, I am happy I get to learn more about locomotives and try to improve morale on 2ND shift where I am, but I don't apply for a job that I think I am not qualified for! So my heart sunk, just a little, when I received a phone call, from the boss I really want to work for (just for a little while) and he said "you interviewed very well, but that wasn't all we took into consideration"! I could feel myself lean back in my chair and my shoulders come forward, like "humph"! I felt my heart go "man oh man"!
Then I remembered where I was.
At that moment, I was at work, on a shift I requested to be, on a shift I asked the employees if it would be OK with them if I put in for this job (honestly I did)! Now, if that isn't saying something, I don't know what is! I requested the shift I am on and I am enjoying a regular routine!
One of the benefits of working this shift is that, I don't have to have anyone come over in the morning to put my kids on the bus,
I do it!
I get to dry Yaya's hair in the morning or help her "part it",
I get to help Mitchy pick out his clothes and
I get to answer the question "what's the weather going to be like today" from Adam!
I am the last one that hugs and kisses my kids before they get on the bus each day for school,
I get to do that
I get all that!
And I get to try and help the morale of second shift.
My second shift feels beat up and put out! And I, me, Lil' ol' me(or big ol' me, working on lil' ol me!), gets to help bring them back around to, the vision of my company, my company's way of thinking!
Honestly, as much as it stinks, I know it's right! It's not fair, but it's right!
Then I think back to where I was 3 years ago, haaaaa hahaahaha!! That's all I can do is laugh, I wasn't ever dreaming about being in any management position for the railroad, I was trying to find a job, trying just to get a position to clean up coach cars, passenger cars, or anything that would pay a decent days wage.
Now, I am sending out the power to take the freight across the country.
I know more about locomotives, then I would have ever dreamed.
I know all about the air brakes and the horsepower and the computer system and the electrical, then I would have ever even dreamed and three years later, how can I possibly be disappointed!
So what exactly, was I complaining about!
Oh yea,
that one position that just isn't meant for right now!
I'll be OK,
I'll be alright!
Set back for a second but not for a lifetime!


  1. Your attitude totally rocks! Just keep delighting yourself in the Lord and he wiil give you the desires of your heart. Maybe he already did, and you just pointed it out to yourself. :) Love reading your stuff.
    Terrie Woods

  2. You have the amazing ability to see the positive in situations. You always have! That's just who you are. Thanks for rubbing off on me just a little bit ;)

  3. What an inspiration you are, Chrissy! The "mom" in me wants to say to the "daughter" in you, "I'm proud of you, babe!" :)