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Monday, September 21, 2009


I never really realized how much music helps in everyday life and how much it reminds me of my past! I don't "do" concerts, I don't buy music, I don't know artists! I'm just not really good at this stuff, I never realized how much it does interest me!
This past week, I have been listening to a radio station (because I am waiting for my XM radio antenna) that plays almost all 80's music! I have been enjoying it, enjoying every moment! I have an 1 1/2 ride to work everyday and an hour ride home, so my radio is important to me! I catch up on news and whatever else hits me on the way!
Neat thing, my kids love 80's music! So cool! They hear a song and say mom "turn it up" and to their surprise, I DO!!
What I have discovered:
My kids like Bon Jovi and Journey
I don't like Duran Duran, but I like the journey it takes me on
I really enjoy hearing Bruce Springsteen
Music really does play apart in my life. It was so neat to listen to this music and have it take me back or bring me into the moment!
On Saturday, I was taking Windy to her friends to spend the night and then I was off to work. In our short drive we had a decent discussion and then Taylor Swift came on the radio and we turned up the radio and sang LOUDLY together! I'll always remember that moment, it was beautiful and breath taking (not my singing, just the moment we shared)!

As life gets faster and faster for my children I tend to pull on the coat tails and try to slow them down, this is a moment where I won!
I slowed Windy down for a second and we enjoyed our moment together!

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  1. Music is such a neat thing to share with your a matter of fact, yesterday Steph had the best of the Beatles playing as we journeyed to the zoo. I have to go out now and buy that CD cause I loved it. When she was a little girl, we use to sing Christmas songs together when in the car. Music was a Big part of our lives. I love how you and your daughter had that moment of sharing music.