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Thursday, September 24, 2009


I listened, at the gym today and last week, as two completely different women talked other women out of taking a class!
Oh my frustration!
The new women ask "so how and what is this class?"
The women who have been taking this class always answer "hard it's hard"
My frustration level boils.
I enjoy exercise in any way! I love group fitness for its social aspect and I love single fitness for the alone time I get with me! I learned this way back when there was the 20 minute workout on TV at 5am! I used to get up and do it and there were even times when it came on in the afternoon that I would do it at my dad's shop and he would join me! Yes at my chubbiest, right now, I enjoy exercise! I enjoy exercise at the time I am doing it and the after affects! I love the sweat and the "pushing" myself! The challenge and the endorphins and the energy and the mood it brings for me! Yes, I do! Enjoying exercise has always made it difficult for me to understand how come people don't enjoy exercise! It really doesn't click with me!
Lately, I have had the chance to workout with my cousin, who does not-so-much enjoy exercise! Understanding her and her unjoy for exercise has taught me alot!
So my frustration builds!
Last week I let it go and moved and turned the other way!
This week, I paused waited for the "member of the class" to FINALLY walk away and SHUT UP! I walked over to the newer woman (I have only taken this class for these two weeks) and asked her to please stay for the class and please just work at her own pace! I politely asked this woman if she enjoyed dancing. Her reply, excitedly "yes"!
I reply than just please stay and just keep moving!
I just don't understand where the competition in group fitness came from! Where in the world is the joy in chasing someone out of a class! What is wrong with us!? What kind of encouragement is that?
I just don't get it, I am so frustrated!
Honestly, is there some kind of joy in making someone believe that fitness or exercise isn't for them? Is there some kind of competition where, someone can bounce and hop and I can only tap side to side, that the bounce and hop person gets a medal or a trophy at the end our time on earth?
The decision, for some, to step into the world of fitness is so tough and then to take a class is literally a leap of faith and then to have someone talk them out of, WOW! Crazy!
Really, honestly, what joy is there in talking someone out of taking a fitness class or exercising? What kind of change does that honestly bring for your life, what kind of joy can you find in that?


  1. Chrissy, thanks for this post! I can see and feel your frustration! Would you believe, I am taking my very first Jazzercise class tomorrow night? My neighbor invited me for a free class. I have watched her lose 50 lbs. by doing this class and changing her eating habits. She is full of energy and craves exercise. I want to crave exercise again. I admire you for sticking up for your beliefs. I might be the only grandma, overweight, flabby person there, but I am going with an open mind and gonna give it my all! I LOVE to dance.

  2. Mimi, you get it! Thanks for understanding. I can't even explain how frustrated I am! I just can't believe we, as women, would take the time (which we never have enough of) to talk one another out of something that is good for us!
    I hope you enjoy yourself at you Jazzercise class and that you work at your own pace! Enjoy the dance!