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Monday, March 30, 2009

Mama's Going to Work

So I am leaving for work, on a "typical" Friday night. I am headed out and waiting for my lovins! Instead I had to go grab the camera to show you what they, honestly, tried!!
I say to the older dog, "Bye Buddy, Mama's going to work." I can forgive him, he is hurt, hurt bad and he doesn't walk very well right now! Mama gets over it and moves on! I do move on, I really move on!

Hey Babe, I'm leavin for work now! He replies, "by mommy"!! OH to kill him or not! Mama is going to work, a choice we both made, and your not going to get up off the couch, or even
out from underneath the dog to kiss me good bye!
Ok, Larbo is hurt and he is hurt bad! I really am just happy to see him smile! I would love for him to shove this dog aside for a moment to give me a "real" kiss good bye! Not one of those stupid pecks and not one of those see ya later kisses. A real kiss and a real hug. something that says, this is for us and I believe in you kisses!! OH yea all you wives know what I am talking about, even if you are just going out for the evening, it is one of those true love kisses with a hug! Had to pull it out of him! UGGGHHH!

But when these three followed suit and Hanky! Oh Mama let them know, this is not tolerated and will not happen. Of course, I grabbed the camera first! I took pics and then I told them what I wanted!! Don't get me wrong, it was probably that they were enjoying watching some movie with daddy and both the dogs were hanging out! I was probably, I mean, I was jealous! I had to go to work and they were enjoying one another! At the same point, thankfully, they were all happy to be together on a Friday night! Love it, Hate it, love it way more!!!


  1. At first I thought the dog had a carrot in his mouth with that orange thing sticking out. Poor little guy, hope he gets better. I guess you could look at it this way, they all weren't crying for you to stay!

  2. It's so hard to leave when they are having a good time like that! All your kids were even sitting on the same to each other...and still smiling (although I think Adam's face is more of a smirk than a smile!) Rare in my house for sure.

  3. OH girl, it's gotta be hard to leave on a friday night!!! You have such a sweet family!