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Monday, March 23, 2009

Some Days

I wish I could just skip
I sooo wish I could just skip the kid got hurt or isn't doing well days! I so wish I could skip the Hubby is hurt real bad and won't do anything about it days! The days where he tells the DR's that he doesn't want surgery and do what you can to omit that days! I wish I could skip the days where my kids fail a test and I can't fix it or are the days where the one kid is diagnosed at school with classic signs of "ADD" and I had him in to his pediatrician, I love for the exact same thing, when he was 7, and I am told he is a normal 7 year old get over it! But this is real for a 13 year old!!
Or the days where they just say you failed as a pet owner!
But I can't skip those!
These are honest "Days of My Life"!
I don't like'em but they change my life and I live by them!
Just know that whenever I think of you all I pray for you and do the same for me on my Some Days!

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